BDM Supply is an authorized master dealer for Flomore chemical injectors and parts. Our product line includes drum gauges, gauge cocks, gauge glass, gauge valves, needle valves, tank gauges and tank patches. Our gauges are available with carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic nipples. Our pumps are designed for injection of chemicals like de-emulsifiers, solvents, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors.

Flomore 1300 series chemical injector pump.
Designed for operation in conjunction with a pumping unit walking beam, Flomore 1300 Series Chemical Injectors are positive displacement type pumps powered by direct connection to the movement of the walking beam. The unit pumps on the upstroke of the beam action. This pump is designed for injection of chemicals such as de-emulsifiers, solvents, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors in small amounts per day (less than a pint to a few quarts with injection pressures up to 1500 lbs). This injector may be double headed with different size plungers.

Download Flomore Series 1300 Pump Brochure.
Flomore 3800 series chemical injector pump.
Flomore Series 3800 Chemical Injectors are gas or air powered and designed for handling many types of aqueous solutions and other chemicals. The design for the 3800 Series is probably the oldest pneumatically (air or gas) driven injector. Single or double-headed units with three volume adjustments are available in a wide variety of models. Injection pressure to 1500 PSI can be achieved with air or gas pressures as low as 50 PSI.

Download Flomore Series 3800 Pump Brochure
Flomore 4400 series chemical injector pump.
The Flomore 4400 Series in an electric driven injector that can utilize any of the four plunger sizes or three gear ratios with a single head or up to eight heads for a combination of pressure and volume requirements, the volume pumped can be changed with a simple turn of a micrometer knob from 0-100% of capacity and is available in corrosion resistant trim.

Download Flomore Series 4400 Pump Brochure.
Flomore 5020 series chemical injector pump.
Flomore Series 5020 chemical injectors are positive displacement type units powered by gas or air driven diaphragms. This injector is typically used to inject methanol in larger quantities and higher pressures (up to 20,000 psi) at the Christmas tree and at lower pressures in gas processing and pipeline applications. Also used to delivery corrosion inhibitor where needed.

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Flomore 5200 series chemical injector pump.
The Flomore 5200 Series Injector utilizes a molded diaphragm to drive a piston through chevron packing making it a positive displacement pump capable of discharge pressures of 6,500 PSIG. This injector has the least amount of moving parts of any other comparable pump. Stainless steel, o-ring type, bottom and upper seating arrangements are offered as well as metal-to-metal seats.

Download Flomore Series 5200 Pump Brochure.
Flomore MPC series chemical injectors pump.
The Flomore MPC Series injector is a double acting chemical injector that may be configured for vertical or horizontal usage. The MPC Series is a clean gas, clean air injector so no lubricator or filter is needed. This injector can be either single or double headed with a variety of head metallurgy, packing and o-rings.

Download Flomore Series MPC Pump Brochure.
Flomore solar series chemical injector.
Flomore has entered the solar injector market by offering a complete package of injectors, solar module(s), and mounting kits of virtually any configuration complete with timers that actually work while pumping volumes of one pint to many gallons and pressures up to 2000#. Call us for your needs in volume and pressure and we will size the correct unit for your conditions.

Download Flomore Series Solar Pump Brochure.

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